AS3 Personal Firewall

AS3 Personal Firewall 1.6

AS3 Personal Firewall is device designed to prevent outsiders...

AS3 Personal Firewall is device designed to prevent outsiders from accessing your network even if it is run from a USB drive. The unit serves as the single entry point to your network and evaluate all TCP connections requests as they are received comparing them with each rule in the policy.

Activity provides areal-time view of the open connections through the firewall. Therules editor is used to define a security policy where connectionsrequests from unauthorized ip addresses and ports are rejected.

Thelog viewer provides data connection notes that can be used forprosecuting the potential attackers. Use the rules editor to specify the destination and service foreach rule with the required action.

For example, if you don`t wantsomeone connecting to your network, you can bar his access byblocking connection request from his ip address or port number.

Onhis end, he see a message that responds Connection failed or Connection terminated. Once defined the firewall provides control of how the policy isdistributed to all TCP connections through your network.